The funfair for Earhly Enchantment

DAISYWORLD is a FUNFAIR that makes the invisible visible in order to understand the consequences of the human-built infrastructures that have developed and spread beyond human control.

The FUNFAIR takes place within the context of Arresø which is the largest lake in Denmark and the most polluted due to the strong use of fertilizer in agriculture.

The scope of DAISYWORLD is to visualise the effects of intensive agriculture in the context of Arresø as well as possibilities of mitigation through low tech filtration systems, by using and hacking existing agricultural machinery. DAISYWORLD is creating an enchanted experience, a landscape for remediation and a fun yet informative tour through performative intervention to engage with Earth’s current state.

Instead of using gloomy and rather doomsday rhetoric, DAISYWORLD is exploring the possibility of creating enchantment and playfulness in the practices of architecture, to approach the debate of the ecology crisis.

This PROJECT/my thesis, is experimenting on how architectural design can contribute to rethinking the way in which we share our common world, and on how performativity could be used as a pedagogical tool to reclaim the political agency of architecture, by opening up the possibility of new experiences and thoughts

of systems, flows
and human-build-infrastructures.


Agricultural machinery 
Drained landscape

Master project 10th semester  
Aarhus School of Architecture
Supervision by Alicia Lazzaroni (https://animalidomestici.eu/about)